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MixCoach Playbook – How to make a snare drum ROCK

Today I want to show you my personal workflow for making a snare drum really pop out in a mix.  First, we find the ring, then the sweet spot, add some top end and then level the output to match input.  These subtle changes make for a not-so-subtle result.


How do you get a rockin’ snare drum? Comment below

MixCoach Playbook – How to treat a bottom snare mic

It’s pretty common these days to get both a top mic and a bottom mic.  Today I’m going to show you the two BIG things to look out for when you get this setup.


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MixCoach Playbook – Missing File Fix: Copy and Relink

Yesterday, I showed you how to keep your audio files organized by just copying the whole session to a new folder. Today I want to show you how to collect everything into the current Audio Folder in a jiffy.


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MixCoach Playbook – Save a Snare with Tambourine

I’m going to show you today how you can actually EQ some top end to your snare without touching your EQ. We are going to trigger a tambourine to get brightness.


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MixCoach Playbook – How to backup your session in real time

Have you ever wished at the end of a long day that you had been backing up your tracks as you went.  Todays “play” will show you a simple way to backup a track.  If you have plenty-o-processing power, you could even back up a live recording.



MixCoach Playbook – How to do a microphone shootout

Sometimes we want to take a little extra time and make sure that we are using the perfect mic for a certain vocalist. I want to show you what my process if for doing that.

I’ll show you the I-have-alot-of-time-to-do-this-and-the-vocalist-don’t-mind-sitting-around-all-day version and my preferred version.. the Oh-you’re-already-finished? version too.

MixCoach Playbook – Xray vision 2.0 (Stereo baby)

Yesterday, I showed you the “old school” way of checking what’s panned left and right in the mix. Today, I’ll show you how the cool kids do it… in stereo.

Also, if you watch toward the end, I’ll show you another “I-can-make-my-own-Waves-plugins” method for hacking the “Center” plugin.


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