MixCoach Podcast 065: Expanders

In this episode we talk about how we use expanders in mixing… the answer may surprise you. [transcript] Kev: This is the Mix Coach Podcast, Number 65. Male: This week, we’re going to be talking about expanders. We have some fairly interesting thoughts about expanders, as well as when we use them or when we…

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Create Track Presets in Pro Tools

The Track Hack – Creating Track Presets in Pro Tools

Have you ever wished that there was a way to import track preset templates in Pro Tools 11? I was digging around and found this little article on creating Pro Tools Track Presets over at Pro Tools Expert. Thank you Russ and Phillip Nichols!  This is just genius. Create a Track Presets Folder in Pro…

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EQ before after Compressor

MixCoach Podcast 064: EQ Before or After Compressors?

With this podcast; we ask ourselves, should we put our EQ before or after our compressor? [transcript] Kevin: This is the MixCoach PodCast, number 64. John: On this week episode, we’re going to talk about EQ before or after the compressor. [music]. Hey Kev, how’s it going? Kevin: Hey, John. John: We’ve got a cat…

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Repost of Our Archived Free Mastering Webinar – “Tips and Tricks To Mastering Your Own Mix”

Happy Tuesday MixCoachers! Jon here! As many of you know, last week Kevin and I hosted a free webinar entitled, “Tips and Tricks to Mastering Your Own Mix.” We had an amazing response to the webinar and wanted everyone to not only be able to get in on the content via archive video, but also…

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Article on how to use pre-fader and post-fader sends for mixing

Mixing Tools: The Bus (Part 2 – Sends)

In the first part of our discussion about using the Bus system in your DAW, we talked about creating submixes (routing the main outputs of different sources to a single track). Now we’ll discuss another common way of using buses to send a “copy” of the output signal to additional locations. Using a bus for…

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How I gate- How I use noise Gates image

MixCoach Podcast 063: Noise Gates

In this episode we chat about how we’ve used gates in the past, as well as some other possible uses. [transcript] Kevin: This is the Mix Coach Podcast, Episode 63. John: On this week’s podcast, we’re going to talk about noisegating: When to use it, when to not use it. What are some options whenever…

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Using Subgroups for Mixing

Mixing tools: The Bus (Part 1- Submix)

In this article, We talk about how to easily set up a sub mix using and Aux Track. Aux Inputs are often overlooked but very useful in a solid mixing workflow.

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MixCoach Podcast 062: Kevin’s Biggest Mistake

This week Kevin talks about the biggest mistake he has made recently. It may surprise you! [transcript] Kevin: This is the Mix Coach Podcast, Episode 62. John: All right, this week on the podcast we’re going to be talking about the biggest mistake Kevin ever made, or at least made in recent history here. John:…

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Kaotica Eyeball - Perfect vocal for audio engineers

The Kaotica Eyeball – Now you can record great vocals in any setting

This is Matt Butler with Mixcoach here to talk about a relatively new product for audio engineers. The Kaotica Eyeball is the latest innovation for acoustic treatment for large or home studios alike. At first I thought, “Oh boy. Another acoustic treatment gimmick!”. After about 15 minutes of using the Kaotica Eyeball, I was singing…

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Common Numbers in Mixing - podcast

MixCoach Podcast 060: Common Numbers in Mixing

This week on the Mix Coach Podcast, we talk about ‘magic’ or common numbers we’ve come across while mixing. Below is a transcript of the Common Numbers in Mixing Podcast [transcript] Announcer: This is the Mix Coach Podcast Episode 60. This week on the podcast we’re going to talk about magic or common numbers when…

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