$97.00 USD

Mixing Mindsets

Mixing Mindsets is the primer and the supercharger to your mixing.
With this course you will get more out of your mixing, just simply by
watching it.

There are tons of tutorials out there on how to get the best snare
drum sound, or how to make your vocal smooth - but where do you go
to improve your mindset? The difference between a professional and a hobbyist, isn’t the techniques or the tools they have access to - it’s
WHY they do what they do, it’s the decisions that they make. And
inside Mixing Mindsets - that’s exactly what you will get.

A professional mindset to help you create even better mixes, without
adding more gear or more techniques to your plate.

This course is packed with over 35+ years of insights that I’ve gather throughout my career - and I’m giving you access to all of them.

I hope you are as excited about Mixing Mindsets as I am, my team tells
me that this is one of the best courses I’ve ever put together - and I
don’t think they’re saying that just to be nice.

I want you to upgrade your mixing skills like never before - and I believe Mixing Mindsets is the course that
helps you do just that.