A Full Mixing Course FEATURING The Amazing SSL channel Strip (exclusively!)

Every craftsman has that one desert island tool that they could solve just about anything with.
As a mixer, you too need that desert island tool. Even if you have access to hundreds, the confidence that comes with knowing one tool inside and out pays BIG dividends.
The SSL has been my tool for many years now. I use it as a compressor, a gate, a limiter, a gate, i use it as an EQ, a De-esser and a clipper. I use the SSL channel strip in a way that just makes everything that runs through it sound better. I call it "Instant Awesome"... and I'll walk you through setting it up step by step.
In my "Mixing with the SSL channel strip" Course, I'll show you how to use the SSL channel strip to:
  • EQ
  • Filter
  • how to re arrange the filter, EQ and Compressor
  • Limiter
  • De-esser
  • High Ratio, Low Threshold Compressor
  • Low Ratio, High Threshold compressor
  • Side chain compression
  • Side chain EQ
  • you will have the confidence to handle almost any mixing problem with just one channel strip
  • you can apply some of this knowledge to other channel strips (if the SSL is not your cup of tea)
  • I'll compare several different iterations of the SSL channel strip
I mix an entire song with just one channel strip, the SSL channel strip.
I even include the session files so you can get some practice on the same exact files as I do in the video

The whole training is transcribed so that you can search for specific techniques in the videos. So, If you remember me saying "sidechain", you can search it and the result will be which video and the time stamp where I said it!

You can come back for new techniques for years, because it's a lifetime access!
I will be adding new videos to this course and as an owner, you'll have access to the new videos as well!
Overwhelm by having to make too many decisions while you are mixing can take a NEGATIVE toll on your mix result. Knowing ONE tool that you can default to makes you not only a smarter mixer, but a more confident mixer!


Go Back and watch anytime!

What you'll get:

  • Lifetime access to all of the HD videos
  • Downloadable session files
  • Downloadable actionable mixing checklists
  • Learn to use the SSL as an EQ, Compressor, De-esser and even a master buss compressor 

All conveniently in one spot!

Lifetime Access To The Videos

We will be covering a lot of information and you don't want to miss any of it. This training could go for several hours. If you want to watch later, the All Access Bundle could be for you!

Download And Practice With The Session Files

If you would like to immediately apply what you learn on this training, you can get access to the audio files I'll be mixing. If you want the BEST way to improve your skills, This ALL ACCESS bundle could be for you!

Download The Checklists

I'll be referencing some checklists in the training. If you would like all of them in one place, plus Some slides that I may glance over in the training.

Step by Step Mixing - It only takes one that works for you!

Searchable Content

Want to come back later and refresh, but don't remember where in the 3 hours of training it was? Just search and you will find the transcript, the video number and where it was in the training!

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