When Should You Scratch A Mix And Start Over?

Feb 18, 2019

We've all been there right? You are into a mix and you are not sure whether the changes you've done in the last 2 hours have even improved the mix. It really seems like it sounds WORSE than before.

It's hard to do this, but here's my recommendation.

  1. Save your mix
  2. Start from Scratch again.
  3. Finish in a short time frame (say, an hour or 2)

Seems counter intuitive, right?

But most of the time, you will get further, faster than you ever thought possible.

What seemed to be unsurmountable before, you will likely brush right over.

When you are done (quicker than you probably thought), compare your new mix to the mix you were stuck on... see if it's not better.

Even if it's not, you are likely comparing your new hour long mix to a mix you've probably been on for days.

I've done this by choice before, but I've also been forced to do it by unforeseen circumstances (computer crash without saving).

Recently, I did this with my website MixCoach. It became a bloated mess that I dreaded doing anything with.

So, I'm starting over.

If you get stuck in your mix, just start again.



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